Northeastern Political Review

Print, Brand & Design Leadership

As the newly elected Creative Director of Northeastern University's Political Review, I was given complete creative freedom and responsibility to create the print edition of Northeastern's only political publication. A non-partisan club made of passionate students debating politics, writing articles, and publishing them both online and in print, I was so excited to be put in charge of such an exciting project. This was also my first time in over a year that I had the chance to work on publication design, especially one which allowed me to have freedom over the overall brand direction.


evaluation & rebranding

Having been lower on the totem poll in most of my teams in design in college, it was strange to realize that if I didn't like the existing NUPR brand, I could change it. I started my process by looking over the existing brand guidelines and past magazines. The specifics of typography and overall structure were sound, but the overall design aesthetic was not well-defined or limited. The previous two issues had a quirky design aesthetic full of collages and patterns. The two issues before that were heavily illustrated and slightly cartoony.

The quirky approach to design previously was nice, but the work NUPR produced was top-tier and professional and I wanted the design to reflect the serious issues the students were discussing. I decided that I wanted the magazine to have a much cleaner look. I turned to Pinterest to put together a mood board of designs that I felt would fit a newer, sleeker brand direction. From there, I started messing around in InDesign to try my hand at designing under this new goal.

The design elements I chose were an emphasis on sleek, clean design; bigger photos in black and white; maintaining a collagey aesthetic; bold, bright colors--especially overlayed over photos with the blending modes set to multiply and hue.

I put these elements to work in the first spread I designed for the magazine, a three page story about global warming.

hiring & directing a team

I was given the responsibility of recruiting, hiring, and on-boarding a team of designers. I worked to hire three designers of varying levels of skill to aid me in creating the magazine. In addition to the existing resources and style guide, I had to give them guidelines for the design style I had created. While most of the design work would be done remotely, I hosted an on-boarding session wherein I talked them through the design guidelines I had created as well as the specifics of the style guide. I was responsible for establishing deadlines that would allow time for multiple rounds of editing.

I also worked closely with the editor in chief to quickly turnaround edits, accepting feedback and critiques quickly.

finalizing design

I worked with the editor in chief, presidents, and all other editors in addition to the designers I worked with to complete the magazine to perfection. We collectively also worked with the printer to meet strict deadlines and finalize pdfs and proof copies in multiple iterations. Below is a gif of the full magazine. It will be available for viewing and reading extensively in summer of 2019.