tastemakers magazine

Print & Illustration

Tastemakers Magazine exists to give Northeastern students a voice in the music industry and help members develop their craft. I was attracted to Tastemakers because of its distinctive, colorful and creative design style that allowed designers a lot of creative freedom to make what they want.

To see full issues of the magazine and see what Tastemakers is about, check out tastemakers.com

bellows interview

For my first assignment as a designer on Tastemakers, I worked on an interview with indie artist Bellows. My main challenge with this piece was fitting a huge amount of text into one spread while still making it beautiful and impactful. The solution above used pull quotes and a full page photo to create a magazine-feel and broke up the grey space of the text.

musical protest

With the tumultuous political climate of the past few years, I was psyched to claim this spread. In the brainstorming phase, the first thing that popped into my head was a bold protest sign. I created the illustration, alternated between a few different funky color palettes, and arranged the text around that center point with pull quotes to break up the article. Tastemakers Art Director McKenna Shuster aided in the selection of the color palette and added texture to the page.

controversial language in hip-hop

Since I was involved in high school journalism, free speech and first amendment rights have always been a point of passion for me, so I wanted to illustrate speech issues through a really loud and bold design. Originally I used actual curse words in the background but, ironically, this was controversial and I resorted to an allusion to curse words.