Young Global Leaders

Print, Web, Marketing

As a design assistant for Northeastern's alumni relations group, I worked with groups such as the Young Global Leaders and the Women Who Empower program to create various projects from newsletters and promotional headers, to internal informative one pagers, to event signage and decorations. I was limited to the fonts, colors, and general branding defined by Northeastern's Marketing and Communications department. Below are some of my favorite projects I worked on.

women who empower our world: london

This series of events across the world took place on International Women's day. The even in London took place in the Hamyard hotel, a funky and open space with lots of character of its own. I was partnered with designer Kellie Schneider to bring Northeastern and WWE branding to the space to create a memorable experience for guests.

We wanted the different design pieces to bring "wow" moments to the guests, so our challenge was to determine which ways we could augment our space most effectively.

using our space

With a space as distinctive as the Hamyard Hotel, we wanted to complement their aesthetic rather than override it. We took what may have been seen as obstacles--an excessive amount of red, large pillars in the room--and used them to our advantage as branding opportunities.

Above, you can see the networking conversation starter decals on the wall. We also had Northeastern and Women Who Empower logos and branding on just about everything, from pillars and banners to napkins.

costa rica retreat

One of my first projects in this position involved a Young Global Leaders retreat in Costa Rica. I had to produce a variety of collateral such as invitations and informative one-pagers for the attendees, organizers, and even the university president. I worked with various superiors who generally described their vision for a document, sometimes accompanied by a vague doodle, and digitized it while adding my own style to the Northeastern and YGL branding while creating a unique logo and brand for the event itself.

adaptable collateral

From a notepad header to various informational documents for internal use and formal invitations for external use , I was responsible for just about every visual document in the process of this event. I was constantly on-call for edits and tweaking, trying to fit the vision of several passionate supervisors. Some allowed creative liberty while others, like the formal invitation, had to follow strict guidelines.

Northeastern has specific fonts we can use for branded documents, but it was up to me to determine the mood and design around that. For example, an invitation was much more formal with the serif font option, while others were more modern and sleek using the Helvetica family.